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EssentialTouch is a mix of Swedish, Deep Tissue & Passive Yoga massage, all which, help optimize your take advantage of massage.

We are a qualified massage therapist certified by the state of California. We finished the San Francisco School of Massage in 2000 and have been relaxing the city since. Throughout this time, we have offered at an acupuncture center, worked for a chair massage company and handled a small day spa; this has allowed me to learn many strategies and has provided me the edge and self-confidence had to operate in this market.

All of us lead very hectic lives and very detached ones. Our company believes that touch is an important part of life. It assists us to get grounded and reconnect with one another. We intend to bring each customer back to that time when providing a hug or a soft caress was okay.

We provide a very personal, peaceful and safe area. Depending on your choice, space is set with unwinding music, poorly lit with candle lights and kept hot. Soft flannel sheets and a lambswool cushion are used for your convenience. Available there are warm damp towels to assist remove any excess oil after our session. All in all, a hot, satisfying and peaceful experience. Put in the time to treat yourself to my touch.